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The ever increasing demand for the latest technology has made developers need to keep bringing something new to the plate. 2022 is expected to bring in the latest and powerful mobile app development.

Mobile apps do not only serve as entertainment. With the digitization of everything, mobile applications play a vital role in different sectors like education, banking, etc. Let us explore the mobile app development trends 2022 is expected to bring.

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Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is one of the major application developments of 2022. Although it is an old device, the new stage of the application will bring in many new changes. Its inclusion in more and more smartphones and smart devices will make it more sophisticated for the users.

The users will have greater control over their machines and appliances. IoT app development trends are also expected to bring in greater revenue.

On-Demand Application

On-Demand applications are undoubtedly one of the evergreen apps in the world of mobiles. The app keeps on getting better every day. The major services are expected to integrate on-demand applications, making them work better. It is expected that on-demand app development trends will be one of the hottest trends in the coming year.

Some of the biggest on-demand app ideas are on-demand apps for food, groceries, medicines, laundry, etc. The apps might also include the services of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.

VR and AR

It is no wonder that AR and VR are going to be trending in 2022, given their past performance. AR and VR mobile applications have been contributing greatly to the growth of smartphones in the last two years.

Sectors like real estate, e-commerce, clothing brands, etc., are most likely to be using VR and AR applications in 2022. Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 are evidence that AR and VR will keep trending.


Blockchain is the ultimate solution for secure transactions. It decentralizes the database, making it more secure. Apps are trending because they do not require intermediary software to manage the app’s data.

Blockchain technology is used in various apps. From healthcare to banking, and even government apps prefer using this technology.


It is no surprise that wearable technology maintains its place on the trending page. These smart devices help users record their calorie intake, oxygen level, and pulse rate.

The electronic devices are connected to the users’ bodies, which helps the devices record the information. Wearable technology has helped in the development of many health and sports apps.

Wearable devices include smartwatches, jewelry, body sensors, and fitness monitors. People can easily monitor their physical changes with these devices. The devices often are connected to a smartphone via an app.

The apps with wearable integration also have a higher rate of user engagement. Apple is one of the dominant companies in this domain.


The end of this year is supposed to welcome the 5g network after the long wait. Undoubtedly, 5G will be the most sensational technology of 2022. As stated by the statistics, 5G will immediately have around 100 million connections after its launch.

It is expected that this number will increase up to 600 million by the end of 2022. The special thing about 5G is that it will be more stable and at least 100 times faster than the 4G network.

5G technology will be super-fast. It will make it possible to stream 4k streaming for streaming services without any interruption. 5G will also make it possible to operate VR3D objects.


The pandemic has changed the commercial business a lot. Both E-commerce and M-commerce have gained huge popularity in these years. The epidemic has almost forced both the customer and the retailer to go online. E-commerce businesses have also started to emphasize mobile commerce.

M-commerce apps are more user-friendly; hence, the users can easily operate these apps and shop as they wish to. Apps like Amazon, Whole Foods, and Myntra are trending amongst consumers. M-commerce has made shopping easier, and many people prefer this shopping mode over traditional ways.

Foldable Devices

Won’t we all love to have a tablet that we can turn into a smartphone? Innovative mobile app development ideas have made it possible. Despite the increased costs, businesses are bringing in foldable devices. The special thing about folding displays is that you can both use it as a smartphone and unfold it into a tablet.

Some of the foldable devices allow the users to fold the device in and out, making it denser. Some of the existing foldable devices are the Galaxy Z fold model, Huawei, LG, and Motorola.

Edge Computing

Before we get into this subject, let us first understand what edge computing is. Edge Computing basically works by bringing data storage nearer to the location of its application instead of trusting a cloud-based location or a central server. This avoids delaying data. The companies can also save their money through local data processing.

Dropbox is an example of Edge computing. It has developed the technology in order to offer faster file access and better connectivity.

Virtual Streaming

The pandemic has changed our lives in uncountable ways. One is by making our lives far more digitalized. We never thought that event streaming would ever become a real thing, but here we are today. From online streaming of Yoga classes to streaming of a live concert, we depend too much on online sites. Most of our offline activities have turned online.

Online streaming sites let users interact with others, change rooms, and connect to virtual events. This reality has almost shaken the concept of distance as users can effortlessly participate in online events around the world.


The need for technology is making the technology grow. Key factors mobile app development solutions and bring in the change. The list of the trending technical apps is too long, but we’ve listed the most awaited ones. Now that you’ve information on the upcoming trends, you can prepare yourself to make the best out of the upcoming developments.

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